Plumbing Service - Rochester, NY
Plumbing Service

Maintenance & Repairs

D'Angelo's have been serving the Rochester area's plumbing needs for almost 50 years!  Our customer know that they can trust us to handle most every plumbing need.  We perform any size plumbing repair, no job is too big or too small.  Leaky Pipe? No problem.  Water heater leaking?  Again, no big deal, we got your back.  We can also perform any maintenance task you need as well.    

Rochester, NY - Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Sewer & Drains

We have all the tools and knowledge to get your drains open today.  With our same-day service we can snake out any size drain and put your mind at ease.  We also offer more involved services to repair or replace your sewer and pipes.  


Faucet repair

Faucets & Sinks

Are you tire of hearing that faucet drip in the night?  Finally ready to replace that 50 year old sink?  Well you have come to the right place.  We are here to help.  Our fully-stocked fleet is equipped with many of today's hottest choices in faucets for your needs.  We can replace and update your kitchen and bathroom sink with some of the best quality products available today.  

tub and shower repair

Showers & Tubs

Be honest, your shower probably needs a little work.  D'Angelo's can help.  We can fix that leaky faucet quickly and professionally.  We can also repair that tub drain lever that hasn't worked in years.   Ask us about our single handle conversion tub & shower faucets, you will love it.

liberty sump pump

Sump Pumps & Specialty Pumps

Do not let a flood happen to you!  With high-quality pumps from Liberty Pumps we can keep your home's basement dry.  These are some of the best quality pumps on the market.  Better still they are made right here in Bergen, NY.  We also offer emergency back-up pumps to really give you peace-of-mind.  

AO Smith Water Heaters - Rochester, NY

Water Heaters

Everybody needs hot water and we think our customers should not settle for anything less than the best.  That is why we are a stocking A.O. Smith dealer.  Together D'Angelo's and A.O. Smith are a winning combination.  We offer a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs.  

Tankless Water Heaters

Are you looking to take hot water to the next level?  Well we have the system for you.  Have D'Angelo's install a Navien Advanced Tankless Water Heater and enjoy endless water today.  These systems allow you to enjoy all the hot water you could ever want.  Do you want to take a 45 minute shower?  Go Ahead, you are good.  These units are up to 98% efficient, so use more water and still save on energy.