Below is a list of some of the popular services we offer.  

Maintenance & Repairs

D'Angelo's is the trusted name in repairs and maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment in Rochester, NY.  It is very important that your system be cleaned and checked yearly.  This important service can go a long way to prevent a breakdown.  If you are in need of service, we can help today.  We offer same-day and 24 hour emergency service.    



This is the most popular type of system in our service area.  Furnaces can be up to 98% efficient and can keep your home more comfortable than ever before.  We are a proud Amana Premium dealer and can provide you with the absolute best fit for your home and family.  D'Angelo's offers the industry's best warranty and will continue to provide value every year with our "Free Cleanings for Life" program.  This is included with every furnace that we install and is exclusive to D'Angelo's.  


Air Conditioners

Amana Air Conditioning systems are the best in the business.  Manufactured right here in the U.S.A. these high-efficient systems come with the industry's best warranty.  Our summers are hot and humid, why not be comfortable and let D'Angelo's install a new central air conditioning system in your home today

Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pumps are a great efficient source of both heating and air conditioning.  Heat pumps can be combined with either electric or gas furnaces to keep your home comfortable all year round.  These systems are very popular in Fairport, NY and Spencerport, NY because of their reduced electricity rates.  Amana's systems are among the best and most efficient units available today.  

Ductless Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems

Ductless systems have become the fastest selling product that we offer.  The systems are extremely energy efficient and require no duct system.  These are perfect for new additions, sunrooms or homes with boiler systems.  You no longer have an excuse to be uncomfortable in your home.  Ductless systems are designed for fast and easy installation by the professionals at D'Angelo's Plumbing & Heating.  


Boilers can offer the most comfortable source of heat for your home.  This type of system typically heat water and delivers that hot water through baseboard radiators.  New boilers can be up to 98% efficient to help save on energy costs while keeping the home evenly heated.  D'Angelo's will service your existing system or when necessary we can provide state-of-the-art replacement choices to meet your specific needs.   

generator pic.jpg


Automatic Standby Generators are fast becoming an essential appliance for our homes. During a power outage, basements can flood, pipes can freeze, food can spoil, and people get pretty grumpy. Help protect your home and family by having the pros at D'Angelo's install a backup generator by Generac. A Generac generator runs on natural gas or propane and automatically senses when the power goes out. Within seconds the lights are back on, sump pump is pumping, heat is on, and life returns to normal. With our "Whole House Package" or our "Essential Circuits Package" you can choose your level of protection. No matter what you choose, rest assured that D'Angelo's will deliver peace of mind.  

Air Quality Products

D'Angelo's is here to help make your home healthier.  Breathe easier and let us install top-quality products from Aprilaire, Honeywell, RGF industries and other premium manufacturers.  By adding these products, our customer's have been able to reduce dust and allergens, stop mold and mildew grow and kill the flu and cold virus.  Let D'Angelo's improve the air in your home, your family will thank you for it.


Gas Fireplace Inserts

Transform that old wood burning fireplace into something useful. Have the experts at D'Angelo's add comfort & beauty to your home with a gas fireplace insert by White Mountain Hearth. These high quality fireplaces will enhance the look of your tired old fireplace as well as add an efficient secondary heat source, it can even be used when the power goes out!  Have D'Angelo's create a warm & cozy feeling for you and your family today!